Get Verified For Sprint Discount Program

Sprint Corporation is internet service Provider Company which enables users to use wireless services through their Laptops and Mobiles. It is American based organization that is having the popularity of 4th largest mobile internet service provider in the USA that is serving to almost 60 million internet users. Its broad-banding services include; messages, wireless voice etc. it is also providing a number of online facilities to its users like Discount program, online bill payment, e-billing and many more. But here we shall concentrate on Sprint Discount program, which is allowed to many companies, colleges, and Universities, not for any individual. It allows any company, particular universities, and college to receive a certain sum of money as a discount against their monthly bills paid. This option is also available for employees who are working in these educational institutes can get 10% discount by opening a new account. It is pertinent to narrate here that all companies and employees of these companies are not allowed/ eligible to get discount. However, they can communicate about the same with their HR department to get this facility.

In order to get verification of discount program, customers have to go through some appended instructions which are easy to follow:

Instructional Guides:

  • For getting access to this online facility, go to the link through your internet browser.
  • On the main official page, you will see various programs offers. Click on “Verify Eligibility” button to proceed further.
  • Upon customer’s verification for discount eligibility, you have to provide company email address along with online form and document Updation.
  • Upon receiving an email from customer’s end, a verification email will send back for its confirmation.

Other Features:

  • This online discount program facilitates customer to get savings by choosing a plan.
  • Have a birds-eye view of other users who want to get this wireless plan. Its checking is free of cost.
  • The current discount request can also be checked and verified by the customer through this service.
  • It takes approx. 3 working days in order to verify discount eligibility. It is maximum time, but usually, it takes almost 24 hours or less than that.