Activate Walmart Family Mobile Monthly Plan

To communicate with other persons in your daily life, a mobile phone is your utmost need. Similarly, to get the outstanding voice coverage, your mobile phone needs a best network through which you can easily and clearly communicate. My family mobile is the best network plan that can be utilized in your mobile phone for easy and fast communication. In order to get further information, there is number of choices that you can avail from My family mobile in every month. As per your choice and within available budget resources, you can pick any of the packages for the use of mobile data. By having a smartphone, your decision should also be smart for selection of network service provider.

My family mobile is the main place from where you can avail mobile network at very cheap and affordable price through the online easy order. Without signing any contract, you can select various plans which are being offered by Walmart and T-Mobile. Till to date, more than 300 million people are being facilitated by T-Mobile 4G LTE network service. In order to activate your monthly plan at My family mobile, you have to go through the following important guidelines which are necessary before proceeding:

How To Activate Monthly Plan:

  • Firstly, go to the link and access the main official homepage with the help of web browser.
  • After accessing the main page, you will see an option of “Walmart Family Mobile”. Click on this tab to proceed further.
  • Next, you are required to click on “Monthly Service Plan” available in “Service Plans”. Here you can select any of the best service plan and add-ons which is fitting you.
  • On the selection of service plan, you will be asked to enter a registered phone number. If your phone is already registered then enter it in the given field, otherwise select an option “I am a new customer”.
  • Next, choose the product type that you want to activate either your own phone or family phone. If you are using family mobile then provide ICCID or SIM card number, but if you have selected “bring your own phone” then the specs of your phone should be compatible with T-Mobile.
  • After that confirm terms and condition and select the plan that you want to purchase by entering SIM card number.
  • At the end of complete phone setup, you are required to top up your phone with funds for the completion of a process.


You can also register at My family mobile for getting a different plan which is totally depending on your budget. There are different plans available on the official site from which you can select any of the best.