Login My Payment Manager For Bill Payment

Through My Payment Manager, now you can pay your all bills with the terms and condition that you are taking control of your all bills when it is done by personal finance. Continuation of bills payment should not be an imposition. By availing the facility of payment manager, you are required to get a login at its official site and make your billing payment efficiently.

In order to meet your monthly bills by keeping up with your budget line and repeating payments without keeping them behind, there is easiest, simple and fast method is to pay the bill through the online process. You will be provided with one web dashboard in which simultaneously checks your track record of all bills that you have paid, remaining account balance and unpaid bills record. This is a very simple method in which you are only required to provide your username and password to start with this facility.

If you are interested to start with this facility, you are required to visit at its official site and get login access by keeping in view the following guidelines:

How To Get Login To Payment Manager:

  • In the start, go to the link www.mypaymentmanager.com and get privileged of its homepage by using your web browser.
  • On its front page, you will see a dashboard of Payment Manager where you have to provide your accurate information to use the facility of bills payment and other ones.
  • In the first field, you are required to provide Member ID that you have received during registration and in the second field, enter the correct password and finally press “Login” button to have access of your online account.

Other Features:

For accessing My Payment Manager facility, Prism App is specially designed for the same purpose that you can get it by providing your phone number. It is very simple to use; put your due amount, selection of date in which you want to pay and method of payment.