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Health Management solution in a wide range is being offered by the leading national provider known as Viverae. In order to enhance the health of employees, Viverae is assisting the corporate sector by reducing the total cost of medical expenses. The basic purpose of this service is to provide help to both employers as well as employees so that they can control medical expense by reducing the health risk, addressing and detecting prior to the serious medical situation. To control medical expense, you are only required to take preemptive measure and much care in order to avoid future huge expenses. In the last, better balance sheet and vigorous workforce can be ensured by employers.  The company has taken interest in various fields for creating a customizable and unique program by investing in service, technology, and research.

If you want to access the account that you already have created, you have to go through its official link and get login access by providing some necessary information as required in the following guidelines:

How To Get Login Access:

  • To get started with login access at Viverae, you are required to visit the link www.myviverae.com and get the privilege of the main page by your web browsing facility.
    As you come on the first homepage, you will see a web portal through which you can get login access by providing some important confidential information.
  • To start the Viverae Health Management system, you are required to enter the username in the first field and password in the second field to get login access.
  • If you are getting the problem for logging into an account, you may call at 1-888-848-3723 to get online help for login access.

Health Management Program:

There is a number of Health Management system through which you can get the assistance for Health management. VHMS was known as Viverae Health Management System is specially designed to control the lifestyle changing in your life i.e. Health or Wellness.