View My Exam One Online Results

Before ever, today everyone is concern about his/her healthcare and motivating all the people around to make a healthier environment. Keeping in view the better health environment and motivation, myexamone is providing services in order to increase the intensity of your awareness about your health status. By getting this service, now you can control your health by knowing your number.

It is working on very simple principle. You are just required to take part in insurance examination, different test related to Laboratory will be conducted. The results of these tests are available in the insurance company from 7 to 14 days for taking part in this services.

If you want to access your results for participating in this service, you have to visit its official site and follow the given below results:

How To Access Results:

  • In the start, you are required to visit the link and access the official page of this website by using your internet browser.
  • As you access the main page, you have to click on the “Register” button and enter ticket number which is available on the sticker affixed to the brochure.
  • Upon the availability of results, you will receive an email which is containing an online link.
  • You are required to browse the link and get login access by providing your username and password in the required fields.
  • By accepting the terms & Conditions, you are allowed to view your results online. After viewing your results, you are required to fulfill the applicant survey in the end.

Important Note:

In order to review your results, you can choose any of the appropriate formats either in a simple list or in the graphical view. Furthermore, your profile can also be managed by saving as PDF format, updating information and printing of results. You can view your result for one year as it remains available for 12 months.