File My Card Benefits Claim Online

Have you ever used your MasterCard, if not, someone else has used it? The main question is what have you ever listened to this website named as “”. It is very easy to access this website, you are just required to enter its official link in the address bar of web browser. You will find numerous benefits of a credit card, most of them are about insurance and medical.  It is very easy to use MasterCard website. For submitting a claim, you have to go to its official site. You can also check the status of the claim that you have filed. You have also the facility to review your document as well as uploading of other documents. While filing a claim, if you have any question, you can go to the FAQs forum where you can find the solution to your problem that you are facing.

If you want to submit a claim, you are required to follow the below-narrated instructions:

How To Submit Claim:

  • Firstly, you are required to go to the link and explore this link through google and select the option “File a Claim”.
  • On the front page of this link, you are required to fill all necessary information given on the form.
  • Filing of claim consists of five steps which are necessary to fulfill before submitting your claim to MasterCard.
  • In the first step, you are required to credit card number that you have used for purchasing of products, enter the date of purchasing, date of printed advertisement, date of saw a printed advertisement, checkbox of captcha and click to “Next” button.
  • Similarly, complete all other steps by following the screen instructions and submit your claim successfully.

Required Documents:

Before filing your claim, you are required to have advertisement printed copy which is bearing advertisement date, the name of the retailer, product model number, and the manufacturer must be verified along with the price of the sale.