Register For Mybknow Bankruptcy Courses

By getting login access and by registering yourself at Mybknow for education and first choice bankruptcy course counseling, it has become very easy for everyone who wishes to learn more. There are number chances to take proper education regarding financial matters.  If you are looking for course of bankruptcy, you can easily get an education in order to manage your financial matters. At its official site, you are provided with the facility of such courses. If you are a member of this site, you can get access to housing counseling stress management and credit rebuilding tools.

Basically, bankruptcy courses consist of courses of credit counseling which should be learned before filing your bankruptcy case. The name, of course, is also referred as bankruptcy certificate course or pre-filing having cost approx. $32. After filing, you are required to get another course named as personal financial management which is also referred as pre-discharge sword debtor education course which has approx. cost of $25.

If you are interested to get enrollment in bankruptcy courses, you have to go through the following given instructions:

How To Register?

  • In the first, go to the link and access its official website by using your available internet browser.
  • On its front page, you will see an option “Customers”, you will be moved to next page where you are required to click on “Register” button.
  • In the registration portal, you have to provide your personal detail like your first name, middle name, last name and other information such as; your address, state, city, zip code, last four digits of social security number, email address, fax number and phone number.
  • By providing all above information, you are required to enter other information about spouse and attorney.
  • Next, you are required to create your own username name and password, the addition of favorite color and favorite animal.
  • Finally, accept additional services and click on the “Submit entry” button.

Other Information:

The selection of duration of courses is depending upon the requirement so that material and study can be completed in one hour study in the first course. Two-hour study means you are spending one hour on the study and one hour on completing material. You cannot take another course before filing a bankruptcy case.