Join BB&T Spectrum Reward Program Online

If you are possessing the facility of BB&T spectrum rewards card then you can earn a lot of online rewards by enrolling into BB&T spectrum rewards program simply on the purchase of items. By availing the facility of this program, you can earn a lot in rewarding in an easy and convenient way. It provides 100% guarantee for getting rewards on everything that you purchase and this reward can be redeemed at any time. Nothing you are required to pay the cost for participation in this reward program rather you are just required to refer your credit card in the specific terms and disclosure of the same. By using your credit card for the purchase of any item, you would be able to get $1 as a reward. Not only this, but you can also win $5 rewards every year. By going through the appended instructions, you will come to know that how you can redeem your earned points.

By going through the appended instructions, it would be easy for you to redeem your points at the first priority:

Process For BB&T Rewards Redemption:

  • To initiate with spectrum reward program, you are required to visit the link access the main site by using the facility of a web browser.
  • After accessing the main site, please look for the option “View and Redeem Your Rewards” that is available on the upper-right side of the page just next to “Rewards Benefits”.
  • Now you will be on the bank’s official website where you can join the reward program by accessing your online account after entering user id and password.

More Information:

After getting access to its official site, you can come to know about all the products and its features. Here you can also learn about investment, insurance, retirement and lending plans for getting a lot of benefits.