Get Registered For Yodlee Online Services

Yodlee is a software company that is based in America which creates a combination of account service which enables customers to check travel reward accounts, email, investment, and bank and credit card accounts. Despite these features, a free of cost web application is developed that assists customers in their financial transaction like investment management, expense tracking, and bill payment.

Yodlee is a leading organization for data analytics and data combination platform cloud-based, powering dynamic for digital financial services innovation. It is sounded financial platform which is fully powered and innovated for FIs (Financial Institutes) and it is offering assistance for higher returns, lower fees, better lending rate and much more from the last 17 years. It has a partnership with fintech innovators and above 1000 financial institutes having top 13 out of 20 United State banks which have enabled to millions of peoples to use services and personalized applications that are interconnected for the utilization of massive data network. It is pertinent to mention here that 70% structured data feeds with financial institutes gathered by financial data.

In order to avail of the above-mentioned services, you are required to register your account at its official website which does not take too much time. You are just required to follow some important instructions which are appended below:

How To Register:

  • In the very first, go to the main link of this website and access the main page with the help of a web browser.
  • By get into the main official page, scroll down the web page and click on “Developer Portal” to get login access and registration.
  • On the next page, click on “Login/Register” button, you will be preceded to the next page where enter username, Password, and Captcha for Login. But if you are using the first time, click on the adjacent tab “Create New Account”.
  • In this form, enter an email address, name, mobile number, company name, read all terms and conditions, check out Term & Condition button, write text code in the image and finally click on “Create New Account”.


By having registration at Yodlee, you would be able to get a number of services from its official websites such as;

  • You can easily access the investment data, loan and credit card data, transaction and account data of a bank.
  • Now you can also check your account balance by confirming your ownership and much more benefits.