Register At Wegmans To Manage Gift Card Online

If you have received a gift card from Wegmans then you can easily check out the balance of your gift card online by accessing the official site of Wegmans. For this purpose, you may call or at any location of the grocery store. If you want to get out the value of your gift card, you are only required to put the gift card into ATM at any time and the receipt that will come out containing the outstanding balance of your gift card. Now you can also sell out your gift card for the purpose of getting cash or you can also purchase another gift card at the location nearby gift card exchange. At the time of exchanging card, you will be informed about the offering rate. By accepting the deal, you will be paid on the spot.

If you want to know about the deals and latest offers of Wegmans, you have to get sign up access with its official site. By getting access to your account, you will be informed every time about any attractive deal and associated gift cards. For having sign up facility, you have to go through the following guidelines:

How To Sign Up At Wegmans:

  • In order to get gift cards offers, you have to visit the link and get into the main site by using your internet explorer.
  • On its official site, you will see a “Sign In” button on the right top side. Click here and enter your email address and password to get the sign
  • If you are a new visitor then click on nearby “Sign Up” button and provide information for your shopper club membership.
  • Enter here first name, last name, address, Apt #, PO Box, city, state, zip code, phone number, date of birth, nearby location, email address with confirmation, password with confirmation and finally click on “submit” button after managing email preferences.

Online Selling Of Gift Card:

By having the proper registration, you can also sell your gift card online. For this purpose, you have to do as:

  • For getting cash, now you can sell your gift card online.
  • First, you have to provide the brand of gift card
  • Enter the balance of the gift card
  • Select the payment method.