Enroll At SafeLink To Verify Service Availability

TracFone Wireless Network Company is engaged in providing wireless service through SafeLink service provider especially to those who those people who can afford it. If you want to avail the wireless network facility, your address where you are currently living will be taken into account and other eligibility criteria. This is lifeline continuity service which is secured and easy to avail. If you are interested in avail this online facility, you have to provide your SSN and registration ID on the provided respective fields. Till to date, it has extended its business by opening new 80,000 franchises in different places nationwide. SafeLink is providing facilities in different products like TracFone, Straight Talk, and NET10 Wireless.

If you are interested in avail SafeLink wireless services, you have to get enrollment access through proper channel as follows:

Procedural Guidelines:

  • In order to have safe access, go to the link www.safelink.com/verify by using your web browsers like google chrome or Firefox.
  • On the page, a popup window will automatically open that is acquiring some information to be provided.
  • In the first field, enter your enrollment ID and then last four digits of your social security number. If you have forgotten, your enrollment ID, click on the below to retrieve it through your provided email address.
  • Next, enter CAPTCHA as shown in the figure and click to login.

Other Benefits:

By accessing SafeLink network, you can avail a number of online services through its official website. If you minutes have finished then you can further purchase a card of airtime which will not affect your monthly package at all.