Login At Office Ally To Get Online Benefits

By getting the services of Office Ally you can get the facility of clearing house offering which also known as web-based services used for submission of free participating payers. In order to submit your ADA, UB04 and CMS1500 claims, you can use online claim entry of Office Ally.  All these steps can easily be done electronically by using existing software. For using Office Ally, it is necessary to print out the claim. For this purpose, you have to get login access at Office Ally and then get the file in your hand by printing it.

In order to get login of Office Ally then visit its official website and go through the below-mentioned important instructions:

How To Login Access At Office Ally:

  • For getting started with office ally account, you are supposed to visit the URL www.officeally.com and access its official page by using speedy internet connection.
  • When the main page will load, you will see an orange color button “Login”. Click here and further select the category in which you would like to get account login access.
  • If you want to get login access in service center then click on this option and enter your username and password to get sign into an account.

Benefits & Features Of Office Ally:

By getting the services of Office Ally, you would be able to get the following benefits:

  • You can get free training and set up.
  • Free of cost customer support
  • Patient eligibility checking through online way
  • You can also get a detail summary report here.