Sign Up For My Total Connect Comfort Account

Total Connect Comfort is basically rendering services of internet-based which gives the facility to users to control and view home environment by anytime and anywhere you are in the world. This can be very easy if you are connected with internet anywhere in the world, you can view and access your home control. For this purpose, you can use internet through your Wi-Fi Network, cellular data, and mobile device. Total connect comfort can be workable with all web browser which has the following version such as; Safari 6 or above, Firefox 25 or above, Google Chrome 30 or above and Internet Explorer 10 or above. In order to keep functionality flawless, you are required to keep your web browser updated.

Without boundaries, if you are ready to connect with a comfort zone, then you are required to create at its official site to have your connection confirmed.

How To Sign Up For Total Connection Comfort:

  • To start with the survey, go to the link and access the official page with the help of updated web browser.
  • At its main page, click on the “Login” button at the right top of the page and provide the email address, password to get logged in.
  • If you are new and want to create an online account, then click on below red link “Create An Account” and provide all necessary information.
  • Enter email address with confirmation, password with confirmation, first name, last name, address, city, country, postal code, language and confirm all options of privacy policy and terms & condition to create an account.

Important Note:

Due to fast changing in the world of mobile models, an approach of Total Connect Comfort is to support only 3 version of android cell phone and 2 versions of iOS. It does not mean those older versions are not acceptable, but maybe not compatible with providing 100% results.

Following are the operating systems:

  • Android 5 or above
  • iOS 9.0 or above