Get Started With My JetBlue Online Card Application

By using the JetBlue Card, now you can easily fly faster as per your imagination. It is providing numerous benefits to the passengers as within the first 90 days from the purchase of ticket $1000, you can earn bonus points of 10,000. But it is first necessary to get access to this card which can easily be obtained by visiting the official site of JetBlue and apply for this card through the online application. It has also introduced the TrueBlue program, which is providing many online benefits such as; family pooling, rewarded points are without expiry, anytime redemption for any seat, no blackout dates and many more. By exploring this website, you will come to know that what the procedure for online application for this card is. After getting the possession of this card, you would be able to get a number of bonuses and other online benefits.

If you want to apply for this card, you are required to go through the following important guidelines:

Online Application Process:

  • To get started for online application for this card, you are required to visit the link and access the official page by using the facility of internet connection.
  • After arriving at their website, you should see an “Apply Now” button in the middle of your computer screen. This button is also available on the upper right corner of the website. Click any of these buttons to get started.
  • After clicking the “Apply Now” button, you will have to complete the application form by providing your general information, employment, and financial information, contact information, and go through the other options. In the end, just click the green “Apply” button to submit the application.

Pre-Screening Of Application:

If you have submitted your online application for the card, it will directly be sent to a team where it will be scrutinized from all aspects and after calculating all the factors, the team will decide either you are eligible for card or not.