Pay For My Florida County Child Support Program

The My Florida County is a website that provides an online web portal from which you can get access to governmental information, services in regard to state and local access. All these services can be provided at that gives an electronic platform for commerce purpose so that you can easily and friendly use this web portal for the management of all financial transactions in the easy and cost-efficient way. It is usually observed and noted that all these transactions are made by people at the walk-in counter or through courier mail. CiviTek is an online platform through which you can easy and effectively make your all financial transaction in order to adjust governmental related issues. Now from these services, citizens are being helped out for saving money and time.

If you are want to pay for child support, it is very easy to make payment through its online web portal. For this purpose you have to go through the following instructions:

How To Pay For Child Support:

  • In the start, go to the link and access the official website of My Florida County with the help of your internet browser.
  • On its front page, click on an option “Child Support” available on the taskbar menu and proceed ahead for making payment.
  • You will be led to next page, where you are required to select the pop-up for make payment now and click on the blue button “Pay Now”
  • You will move to next page, where you have to select any of the one option i.e. Depository number or Uniform case number, the select county from the drop-down list, enter case number and finally click on the button “Add case” and move forward for making easy payment for child support.
  • Next, you have to compete for three more steps like “Enter amount to pay”, “Enter billing info” and “Confirm payment”


If you are facing problem in making payment at any step, you can contact the company directly via the phone number, contact us web page, through the mail or fax number.