Register At ClinCard to Manage Account Online

Now where MasterCard can be accepted, you can use your Clin MasterCard at the same point of sale. For each transaction through ClinCard prepaid MasterCard, the amount which you have used for purchasing purpose will directly be deducted from the balance available in your account and continue till the end of the amount in your account. If you have utilized all the remaining amount, you will not be allowed to do more transactions. At any point of sale where MasterCard is accepted, your ClinCard can be used there such as; at grocery stores, restaurants and in stores, at gas stations, for certain bills online payment and at ATMs.  if you are going to avail the access of online account, online purchasing and in stores purchasing, then your all transactions will be free of cost.

It is pertinent to mention here that before using your ClinCard, you have to first register it at its official site keeping in view the following guidelines:

How To Register ClinCard:

  • To get started with ClinCard registration, you have to visit the link and access its official site by using a web browser.
  • As you come on the homepage, you will see a web portal of GreenPhire from where you can get login access by providing your username and password in the given fields and if you are the cardholder, you can have to click on the option “Cardholder? Click here” and move ahead.
  • If you are a cardholder and your account is existing then enter username and password to get login access or otherwise create a new account by clicking on “create an account”.
  • On the new page, enter the card number, username, email address, password with confirmation and finally click on “Register Account”.

Management Features:

By registering your ClinCard at its official site, you would be able to manage your account for checking card summary, card activity, account statement, replace the card, file a dispute and contact support easily and conveniently.