Access Flight Extras Thomson To Find Flight Booking

Flight Extras Thomson is the first choice of holiday’s customers and TUI for flight extras to TUI as well as online check-in system. If you are interested to get the services of flight extras then you can get the services of seat selection as well as additional extras. For this purpose, you need to enter booking detail in the given online dashboard and on the confirmation email, you can find out your booking reference. The given reference number can be entered in the given box. It is important to know that there many airlines which cannot manage online booking that you can also check through online way about the detail of the airline.

If you want to find your booking through the online dashboard of Flight Extras then you have to visit its official site and follow the mentioned instructions:

How To Find Booking:

  • To get started for booking at Flight Extras, you need to visit the link and access its official page by using fast internet connection facility.
  • When you will come to its official dashboard, you have to enter some important data for finding your booking.
  • In this portal, first you are required to enter your booking reference, Lead Passenger Surname, travel date, holiday type and in the end click on “find booking”.
  • Now if you want to check your documents or seats then you have to go through the given option step by step.

Other Services:

  • Before you leave for home, you can allocate seats.
  • When you are flying with TUI airline, you can check-in and checkout flights.
  • You can also upgrade your plane’s seats.