Enroll For OTC Essential HealthCare Products

“Over-The-Counter Essentials” is a very beneficial program that is providing the facility of FirstLine Medical to all of its valued customers. Now, it is very easy and convenient to access all the available products and services by exploring the official site of FirstLine Medical Center which includes OTC essentials available in this program. In the backend, United Healthcare Insurance Company is the main controller and managing all the FirstLine Medical related program which is governed under United Health Group (UHG).

United Health Group (UHG) is basically an American largely spread Corporation which is working for providing unique medical related services to the people living around. In 1977, the first operation of this organization commenced and it’s headquarter is located at Minnetonka, Minnesota in America. For availing exclusive benefits from UHG, you have to get registration as per following instructions:

Enrollment For OTC Essential:

  • For availing exclusive OTC essential benefit, you have to explore link www.otc-essentials.com/catalog  and browse the main page through your device connected to the internet.
  • By exploring the homepage of this site, you will see a blue button of “Register”. Click here to start the registration process.
  • In this portal, you are required to enter your First name, last name and the username as well and then select your Member ID and then your Password along with confirmation of the password, choose your state, date of birth, and your email address with confirmation.
  • Now provide all your security questions and their answers as well.
  • In the end, click the blue ‘Register” button will get you registered onto the website and then you will be allowed to use the services of the website.

Exclusive services:

If you have got registration at OTC Essential then you can easily avail all the available benefits through online way such as; purchasing of healthcare products and other services by using the card.