Activate Your RushCard To Get Exclusive Benefits

From the last more than 10 years, RushCard is being used among the customers Russell Simmons. UniRush, LLC, a company name Russell is the main supervisor of the RushCard under which all its internal and external operation are being executed. This company is the partner of Visa and MetaBank. This card is owning a number of exclusive benefits for the customers like you are not required to pay any charges or no requirement on having a minimum balance or credit check on applying for this facility. At its official site, you can apply for the card as per your budget and style that suit you and you will receive this card with the first working days of 7 to 10 days from the date of application. After getting a card, you need to activate it by providing your PIN and top up your money for further using this card.

If you have received your new card and now want to activate it then you need to visit its official site and follow the mentioned instructions for its activation process:

How To Activate RushCard:

  • To get started for RushCard activation, you need to visit the link and go to its official site by using fast internet connection.
  • As you come on its official homepage, you have to set your PIN and top up your card with the sum of money then you are ready to proceed.
  • Next, you have to align your government benefits and Direct Deposit from your paycheck where you can also load check at Walmart as well as thousand other locations.
  • In order to get your paychecks direct deposited, you are required to get sign up facility for your RushCard.

More Information:

Once you set your PIN and load your card with money, you are ready to start using it. You can use this card everywhere Visa is accepted. Thanks to the Visa Zero Liability policy your funds are protected if your card is lost or stolen.