Get Started With PerYourHealth Account

With the help of Per Your Health, customers are now able to pay off all costly bills which are received after the medical treatment. These bills can be paid off with the help of online number or if you do not have an online account then you can use your customer registered user ID. Locating of customer user ID is important for the customer which is actually available on the billing statement of Per Your Heath. For those customers who are not yet registered at its PerYourHealth account are required to provide a proper valid email address and valid account for making an online payment.  In case, customer forgets the user ID, it can easily be retrieved by providing billing account number in the question field.

How To Get Medical Billing Information:

  • First of all, go to the link and access the main official site with the help of your web browser.
  • On its official page, you will be asked to enter account number from billing statement or registered user ID in the given field and press continue button.
  • If you want to get billing information, you are required to enter your account number that can be seen on the statement of the bill which you have received from the medical services availed.
  • If you have already made your payment with the help of this online service, then for next time billing payment, you can use your previous user ID for again payment of your billing statement.
  • If the patients have forgotten their User IDs which they have used at the time of paying bills, they can retrieve it via email by entering an account number.

Important Note:

Moreover, customers can utilize the access of Key which is printed on the bill for further getting the billing information and account detail.