Get Started With U.S Bank Reward Card Account

The main issuance of U.S Bank Reward Card which is also called prepaid card is by the U.S Bank National Association. It is providing you a lot of services and values on the basis of loyalty of organization and awards on a promotional basis. General consumers are not allowed to purchase U.S Bank reward prepaid card. Basically, your prepaid U.S Bankcard is based on prepaid Master/Visa card which can be utilized wherever MasterCard debit card/Visa Card debit card are acceptable. If you have any further question, you may ask it through Frequent Ask Questions which can surely resolve any persisting issue.

If you have recently received your visa U.S Bank Prepaid Card Visa or MasterCard and want to access your account online then you are required to go through the following instructions which are easy and less time effective:

 How To Access My Account:

  • In the beginning, you are required to go to the link and access its main site by using your internet browser.
  • On its front page, if you want to access your online account, go to the taskbar menu and click on “My Account”.
  • You will be led to next page, where you have to provide some mandatory information as per screenshot in order to access your online account.
  • In the first field, enter your card number, last four digits of your phone number and 3 digits code which is available on the back your prepaid debit card.
  • If you are not registered and want to access your account then you have to enter 9999 in the field where last 4 digits of the phone number are required.
  • In the end, you have to click on “Login” button to access your online account.

Other Benefits:

By accessing your account, you would be able to access following advantages:

  • You can register your card for the catalog, phone, and internet purchases.
  • You can view the transaction history of your card
  • You can also check the remaining cash limit of the balance of your card.