Login With Americas Single Sign On To Get Software

If you want to get the access of Single-Sign-On login, you have to visit its official homepage and it is an exercise of only once. After you got the access, you would be able to get it’s all online features and relevant services. This login access can be used particularly in that case when you do not want to enter your username ID and password on every login access. In this way, you can easily get your required software.

SSO is a web portal from which you can get access to the specific software by using users operating on Intranet. This software is installed often by the users. In order to avoid, each time login access or in order to save time, you can provide your credentials only once and can get the accessibility of software on the fast track. For getting login access, you have to go through the following given instructions:

How To Get Login Access:

  • In the start, you have to go to the link www.myrewardsatwork.com and access the official page by using your internet browser facility on the system.
  • After you got access, you are provided with a web login portal where you are required to provide Standard ID and password in the second field. Finally, click on “Login” button to proceed ahead for accessing software now and then.
  • If you have forgotten your Password and want to reset it, you can easily do this by click on the mentioned link.
  • After using this session, if you want to log out it, you can easily log out by closing all your windows. It will be secured and saved.

Other Benefits:

  • By getting the login access, you are not required to enter your authentication ID every time for getting software rather you can do all your activity in a single session.
  • With the single authentication ID, you can get all relevant and different software just to save the time.