Manage My Medical Payment By One Easy Click

The process of making payment in any dealing is a technique that must be known by everyone. Secure payment always requires a secure method of transaction. MyMedicalPayments has provided this facility to all patients to pay their medical payments in the very secure mode to the respective doctor by using their online facility just in one click at any time. If a patient has taken appointment from a doctor and after a complete checkup and obtaining prescription want to pay his online doctor fee, it is very easy process through the above-mentioned service provider. You just have to provide your account number and patient date of birth, your payment will be made to the respective doctor through the online secure way. This facility can also be used for the payment of health insurance by giving all necessary insurance information. For this purpose, you have to fulfill your form which is available on the back side of your statement.

In order to get said online facility, you have to sign in on its official website.

Procedural steps:

  • Click on the link and access its main page through your web browser.
  • On the main page, sign in by using your account number as mentioned on the form.
  • In the first field, enter your correct account number, then verify your identity by providing the patient date of birth or by entering last 04 digits of social security number or patient telephone number.
  • Next, provide the patient accurate date of birth. Read all terms and condition carefully and press Sign in button in the end.


  • It provides grantee of your payment is secured during the transaction.
  • It also evaluates your account balance
  • Your billing address is updated by using this service.


After having a visit to a doctor, you may receive two different type of bills, which you have to pay. The first bill may be from Hospital side for availing its services like bed charges, utilization of medical equipment and technical assistance. The second bill that you receive is from physician team, which is billed for providing professional and emergency services by the physician.