Register For MyLabsPlus Account Online

MyLabsPlus provides you a comprehensive platform to enhance learning outcomes in a successful way by efficiently and methodically. With the help of information system of campus’s students, MyLabsPlus gives you the facility to your department to manage enrollment and courses within the best stipulated time frame.  By using LMS portal or campus portal you can access MyLab and Master across the board from Pearson that boasts up the development of student success and efficiency. This web portal gives much more benefits to the teacher and students by which a teacher has the flexibility to teach students with his / her own way of teaching and he/she can use the variety of different ways in order to provide a successful learning environment and best results to students.

If you have already utilized the facilities of MyLabsPlus or want to get any of the product then you are required to visit its official site for sign in, for new registration, for the redemption of code and buy. If you are agreeing to download instructor‘s resources then you are required to follow the given steps:

How To Get Registration Access:

  • To get the registration or sign-in the facility, go to the link and access the official page of the website with the help of web browser.
  • On its front page, click on the “Sign in” button at the right top of the site and go to the next page where you will see all products and services. Select any of the product for which you want to sign in or get registration.
  • For downloading instructor resources, click on the first link and get the sign in by providing username and password.
  • For a new registration, click on “Register Request Access”, where you are required to read all terms and conditions and click on agree to proceed the request.
  • Next, as follows the given screen instruction, complete your registration process and download your instructor resources.


By signing in or registration, you would be able to access the instructors’ manuals, TestGen software, test items files, LMS contents and Rescues available vary by title.