Get Started With Filing My Flood Claim Online

National Flood Services is working with full dedication and commitment to deal with their clients in integrity and loyalty. The personal information and acquiring of data are possessed in secrecy which is their first commitment towards work. The high quality of the product, support, and services are being provided to people with full devotion and dedication. They take extra care and appropriate action for the safeguard of your information that is provided personally. At this web portal service, you can also get login access without creating your account in order to pay for the renewal of the policy. Not only this, you can also view your policy information, submission of loss that you have incurred and selection of the advanced option for payment. But if you want extra services or submit your claim then you are required to create your online account.

Creation of an account is the very simple procedure. It takes only a few minutes and gives you a lot of benefits. For this purpose, you have to go through the following given instructions:

How To File Your Claim:

  • To start with the claim submission, you are required to go to the link and get privileged of homepage by using your internet browser.
  • On accessing the main webpage, you will see a web portal where you can log in for Floor policy center by entering your username and password and strike “Login” button for getting access to the account.
  • If you want to file your claim, you are required to click on the top blue button “FILE YOUR CLAIM HERE” and get into the new page.
  • You will be led to a new page where you have to provide accurate information in the respective fields such as in the first field enter your policy number, property postal code, Last or Business Name, email address and finally press “Login” button.

Important Note:

If you want to get more feature of My Flood, then you are required to create your new account by clicking on the nearby the “Login” button. You will be directed to a new page where you can easily create your new account.