Get Started With CCATCU Exclusive eServices

To be a member of CCATCU means you are going to have partial rights of ownership of Credit Union. By having a membership, you would be able to avail all types of its offered products and services. You can get an online account at CCATCU, if you are working or living in San Patricio County, Kleberg, Jim Wells, Duval, Aransas, and Nueces. To have a proper membership at CCATCU, you are required to open your saving account. After opening your saving account, you have to deposit a small amount and fee payment, you will be an official member to get the facility of all of its products and services. No matter, you have changed job or retired, once you have got a membership, it will continue until life.

If you have opened your saving account or avail any other product then you can get the access to internet banking with the help of following guidelines and instructions:

How To Get Internet Banking Access:

  • In the initial, go to the link  and access its homepage with the help of your internet browser installed on PC.
  • On its main page, you will see a small section through which you can log in for internet banking by providing your username and password.
  • If you are new and not registered yet for internet banking facility, click to below button, “New User” to proceed to next page.
  • On the next page, scroll down to the bottom and select the option “Sign Up for Web-24 (Internet Banking).
  • By clicking on the above link, an online form will be opened, which you have to fill by providing your name, account no., address, home telephone no., business phone no., signature, date and in the end personal identification number.
  • Lastly, take print out, get it signed and send to its mailing address for availing 24 hours internet banking facility.

Other Benefits:

  • By getting internet banking facility, you would be able to access following benefits:
  • You can view your pending transactions.
  • You can schedule and view your transactions
  • Fund transfer and billing payment.