Login Your Brook Dale Account To Get Benefits

The Company, Brook Dale is considered in those large organizations that are working for lenience of senior citizens. The Headquarter of Brookdale is locating in Brentwood, Tennessee State of United States. You should not consider it as a nurse center, but it is basically a safe place for those people are senior citizens or in older age. By availing the services of Brook Dale, these old people can get the facility of almost every type of assistance where these old men can live by availing every kind of living facilities particularly in that age that needs more care and help.

In order to facilitate the old community of America, the company is doing best for achieving the desired target by providing all basic needs and unique qualities. For providing much care to old people, they have provided a high level of care and a better lifestyle in an independent way. From the last 35 years, they are providing facilities to 1100 senior communities countrywide. Now with the service of high caring levels and unique lifestyles, they are providing the services to almost 67000 residents in various states.

How To Login Into Account:

  • To get started for the login access, you are required to visit the link www.mybslhr.com and go to the main site through your web browsing.
  • As you come on the main site, you will have to enter your User ID and Password to get login access into your account for obtaining the benefit of online account.
  • You have to do an addition of “B” in your username before entering your associate number and writing it in the username field.
  • The default password for your account is your birth year and last four digits of your social security number. Earlier if you changed your password, use the new password to login to your account.

Login Issue:

If you are facing any problem while getting login access, you can contact with the support center or helpline keeping in view the working hours. You can also send an email regarding any issue that you are facing during the access of online account.