Access Find Mass Money To Search Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Financial assets are basically unclaimed property which is based on safe deposit boxes, un-cashed checks, life insurance policies, un-cashed dividends, securities, unpaid wages, saving & checking accounts and many other types. This unclaimed property depicts a certain period of time in which no activity was carried out, but it is pertinent to mention here that vehicles and real estate do not include in unclaimed property. Primarily, it is important to know that when own of the property does not want to establish contact with the person for three years consecutively to the person who is holding assets currently, but in the case of traveler’s cheque, this period includes fifteen years from the date of taking over and handing over traveler’s cheque.

This website provides the facility for searching unclaimed property through its online dashboard. If you are also interested to search about your unclaimed property, you have to visit its official site and follow the below-narrated guidelines:

How To Search Unclaimed Property:

  • To get started for this online service, you have to visit the link and go to the main site through your web facility.
  • As you come on the main page, you will see the first option of “Search for Unclaimed Property”. Click here to go ahead.
  • You will be led to next page, where you have to enter Last or business name, first name, city, zip code, property ID and finally click on “Search” button to find out the required results.

Searching Criteria:

If you have adopted the searching portal for your unclaimed property, you are only required to enter the property having worth amount to $5 or above. For those properties having less than $5 worth, you have to call at its help desk on 617-367-0400.