Apply For FedEx Handler Job In-Person

If you are a legal resident of the United States then you have a good opportunity to apply for FedEx jobs. Jobs Handler at FedEx has especially opened for the United States legal residents who are minimum at the age of 18 years or more than it. There are a number of position in FedEx where Material handler as well as a handler are provided with the number of facilities like happy & safe working environment, retirement benefits, life insurance, vision, dental, medical and paid leave etc. FedEx is now currently paying handsome remuneration to the handler at $12.26 per hour whereas for Material Handler per hour pay is $13.

Now you can apply for the job of FedEx either by visiting the Indianapolis, IN Hub or at Memphis, TN. For this purpose, you are required to visit the official site of FedEx and follow the given below instructions:

Notes For Applying At FedEx Handler:

  • In order to apply for FedEx Handler Job, you are required to visit the official site and keep in mind the following points.
  • Applicants must have the ability to lift and move around 75 lbs.
  • Pass a urine drug screen and a criminal background check (FedEx does not want to hire formal criminals)
  • Any applicants who are male and born after 12/31.59 are required to register for Selective Service must have a Selective Service Registration number
  • This is an ideal job for a former active duty veteran

Apply In-Person:

If you are interested to apply for FedEx job In-Person then you are required to visit the place of 4009 Airways  Boulevard, Module N, Memphis, TN and talk to HR Manager keeping in view the business hour from 9 AM to 3 PM.