Get CITI Simplicity Credit Card To Avail Online Features

Citi bank was incorporated in 1812 in the New York City and afterward, its name was changed and currently known as First National CITI Bank of New York. There are many financial products which are being offered by Citi bank to the wide area of the network. Similar to other, CITI CREDIT CARD is also offered by Citi bank with the various attractive features. Due to the successful business growth, the bank has extended its branches up to 983 which are executing successfully in many states of United States such as; Washington D.C, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Obviously, the bank is also performing well in regarding banking transactions; it is also providing services of investment products, insurance, and credit card products by CITI bank. This Simplicity card is also offered by CITI bank to help out people in credit management.

If you are agreeing to avail the facility of CITI simplicity card then you have to explore the official site for online apply at Citi simplicity card as per following instructions:

Method To Apply At Citi Credit Card:

  • To get started to apply online for credit card, you are required to visit and go to the main site of the Citi Bank through your web browser.
  • As you come to the main homepage, you will come to the portal where you have to enter your invitation code in the provided field and go to next.
  • Then enter your last name in the last field.
  • Now click on the “Proceed to Application” button and complete the remaining process until you submit your request.

Approval Of Card:

After the submission of application, your request will be directed to approval authority where it takes few days for the receipt of the card. For any problem, you can contact at the provided helpline number for any information.