Conduct Cineplex Survey To Win Entertainment VIP Card

If you are interested to watch a newly released movie with your friends or with your family members at the weekend days then Cineplex is offering you such a unique facility to all the customers to win the chance of getting free of cost movie ticket to watch exclusive movies with friends and family. For this purpose, Cineplex has designed a unique online customer satisfaction survey for customer so that they can win the movie ticket by participating in this contest. if you have conducted this online survey successfully then you will get almost 10 chances to get Cineplex entertainment VIP card at the end of every month. If you have won this card then you would be able to watch free of cost movies throughout the year with the help of this card. your winning news will be delivered by telephone or by sending an email on your provided email ID.

If you are interested to win the chance of free movie then you have to conduct this online survey as per the following way:

Step By Step Guidelines:

  • To get started for online survey at Cineplex, you need to visit the link and go to the main site by using high speed internet connection.
  • When you will come to its main survey page, you have to click on “Go to win” and next you need to provide certificate number which is available on the response card that you have received recently or you have on the receipt slip.
  • Next, you have to complete each and every field by providing correct information in the respective fields.
  • In the end, you have to provide contact info so that company can contact you on the time of winning contest and delivery of VIP card.

Winning Reward:

If you have provided all the above information correctly, then you will be given 10 chance to win this contest. If you have selected then you can watch free movies by getting entertainment VIP Card for a year with your family and friends.