Access Show My Balance To Inquire Balance Status

If you have purchased any of the items and have got a gift card as a reward which you can further utilize it for next shopping then you can check the balance of your gift card at any time, anywhere. In order to check the balance, you would find a lot of ways, but the easiest, convenient and prompt way is to utilize the services of My Vodafone application. If you do not want to get this facility through Vodafone mobile application, you can also get the login access at the official website of Vodafone by creating an online account. For an alternative method, you can also check your balance on the screen by providing code in the respective field. If you do not use all these ways, you can also call them on checking the balance.

Following is the method of showing the current balance of the gift card by providing an online code. Following are the important guidelines in order to show my balance through online way:

How To Check My Balance:

  • In order to get started with checking of balance online, you have to visit the link and access the main site through web explorer.
  • As you access the main page, you will see a web portal from where you can check your balance by providing some necessary information.
  • In the first field, you are required to enter the gift card number which you have obtained at the time of shopping.
  • In the second field, you have to access your online code and by clicking on security check and finally click on “check balance”.

Important Note:

In order to check your current balance of gift card, you have to provide your online code that you can only access only or if you do not have internet availability, you can call to personnel for checking current balance.