Register Your ADP Spending Account Online

ADP Spending account is offering online service that allows you to enjoy all of its online benefits. For accessing its online benefits, you are required to log into spending account and creation of the online account. If you want to use spending account and you do not have login access then you have to complete the registration process at ADP Flexible spending account so that you can get privileged of all its online tools and services. Registration is a one-time process, after completing registration, you would be able to access and review your account balances, history of all statements, downloadable forms and checking of claim status.

If you are interested to register yourself on ADP Spending Account then you would have to follow the given instructions:

How To Register For ADP Spending Account:

  • In the very beginning, you are required to go to the link and access the homepage by using your web browser.
  • By browsing this link, you will be directed to a web page, where you are advised that your account website has been moved and you will automatically be directed to its official page.
  • After having official page access, enter your username and password to get login access or otherwise, click on a below button “New Users-Register Here” to proceed ahead.
  • In the next window, you will be asked about your demographic info like your first name, last name, date of birth, social security number and then click “Next” button.
  • Next, by going through the screen instructions, complete registration complete to avail its online benefits.

Other Features:

By getting registration access to its online account, you would be able to get reimbursement directly disburse into your personal banking account.  For eligible healthcare benefits, direct deposit reimbursement process is very quick and safe. Every time and in time, your money will be credited to your account automatically.