Submit First United Credit Union Coverage Proof

If you have purchased vehicle recently from and you are getting notification regarding the insurance coverage on your new vehicle, then it is necessary for you to get insurance coverage so that your proof of coverage can be submitted to the company. As per the term and condition, you are required to furnish physical damage insurance evidence for the purchased vehicle or any evidence of its collateral.

A Need For Insurance Coverage:

  • The deductible on accident is limited to $500
  • The complete deductible is limited to $500
  • United Credit Union will be listed first as loss payee or lienholder

If you have received any notification from the company, then you or your agent can provide the current status of insurance coverage by uploading the scanned picture of proof or you can also check your updated insurance status.

How To Submit Proof Of Insurance Coverage:

  • First of all, go to the link and browse the main site with the help of web browser available in your PC.
  • On the main page, you are required to enter reference ID, check out the option if you are licensed insurance agent and click on submit button.
  • If you do not have any reference ID, but you have a collateral on the vehicle then click on the “Vehicle” button available at the bottom for looking up vehicle reference ID.
  • A small box will be popped up where you have to provide some important information as the last name on your loan, zip code that you have filled in your loan, last 5 digits of your VPN, check out the option if you are an insurance agent and finally submit a form.
  • By completing the mentioned information, you will get reference ID for providing proof of insurance coverage on your recent financed vehicle.

Important Note:

If you do not get any notification from the company for the provision of insurance coverage proof, you can also shop it on your own behalf. For further assistance from the customer service representative, you can also contact at 800.998.0763. The basic reason for their effort is only to provide safety to you and your family member.